September Newsletter

Bone & Body Women’s Health is now open and enrolling patients! 

If you want a welcoming, calm, female-centric practice dedicated to peri- and menopausal women, please schedule a “meet and greet” with me to learn how BBWH can serve and support you in your midlife women’s health journey.

We offer you two options for care – one that is comprehensive and one that is focused exclusively on bone health:

The Bone & Body Membership plan

Includes a 90-minute initial consultation with a DXA scan (full body scan to measure bone density), gynecological exam, focused physical exam, and a thorough review of your medical history. Most importantly, your menopause and midlife symptoms, questions, and concerns will be given the time and attention they deserve. 

Menopause is a journey that begins well before a woman’s last menstrual period. There are many hormonal changes that affect well-being and can create a bewildering array of symptoms, many of which can be treated. Menopause also impacts cardiovascular and metabolic health, not to mention bone health. Midlife women’s health is not given the attention it deserves by harried generalists. You do not have to “grin and bear it” or suffer in silence. You can get high-quality sleep, have a vibrant sex life, and feel physically fit as you age.

The Bone Health consult:

Is designed for women interested in a customized bone health plan. They either want to have a DXA scan made or have me review a pre-existing scan. I believe in being proactive – let’s prevent fractures, maintain bone density and strength, and tailor our discussion and your treatment plan whether you have osteopenia, osteoporosis, or have sustained a fracture.  

With our same-day, in-office DXA scans, I can share bone mineral density results, give thorough explanations (with colorful pictures!), develop a targeted evaluation, and complete a bone health plan all in one dedicated visit.  

Midlife women are especially busy, and bone health may not be top of mind. Many women experience decreases in bone mineral density during menopause, which lead to fractures later in life. These, in turn, can trigger acute or chronic medical conditions that can affect quality of life. Sadly, these fractures are preventable, if only the decline in bone density had been monitored. 

Here are easy ways to learn more about women’s midlife health!

If you want learn how balance and posture impact bone health: 

Please join me on Tuesday September 19th at Noon CST on Instagram. 

I will be joined by Buff Bones, Rebekah Rotstein as we discuss our respective practices and how to cultivate systems of movement for fit bones.  ( 

If you (or a family member) want to learn about fall prevention:

Please join me on Wednesday September 20th for a virtual Stand Strong, Live Long, national falls prevention event. You can register for this free virtual event on Zoom to learn about your risks for falls and ways to prevent a fall, or share with a family member or friend.

If you’re curious about osteoporosis and exercise:

Please join me on Tuesday October 17th at Noon CST on Instagram

I will be hosting a “live” with my friend and colleague Angele Pennisi. She owns Physio Partners, physical therapy practices in Chicago and Glenview.  (

We will discuss how women with osteoporosis can exercise safely and correctly. This is a great forum to get your questions answered and get medically-sound, practical exercise advice. 

Please email Susan Rivera, BBWH’s awesome office manager, if you need instructions on how to access Instagram Live or the Zoom event. 

I am honored to be appointed to the advisory board for Menopause Mandate ( organization with patient and clinician education, access to menopause-specific treatments, and advocacy in the workplace. 

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet – Menopause Mandate is a trusted resource for evidence-based information on menopause.

Do you hate the term “vaginal atrophy”?

Yup, so do I. Language matters. This recent New York Times Article does a great job of explaining why.

Stay in touch!

Our website is the best place to stay current on midlife women’s health information sessions I participate in, whether on social media, the internet, or in real life.

Come and meet the Bone and Body Health team, and get the support and attention you need. I am beyond excited to realize my long-held dream of giving midlife women the medical attention they deserve!


Kristi Tough DeSapri, MD

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