December Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

Women are often balancing our daily routines with added joys and pressures of entertaining, gifting, donating, volunteering and the list goes on. Many of my patients take care of both generations; their families, spouses, their own parents and/or children. This time of year in particular we all need to be reminded ”good health is the best wealth.”

At Bone and Body Women’s Health our goal is to help each woman meet the goal of great health. Just like there is no single perfect gift, the gift of optimal health requires a combination of hormones, nutrition, lifestyle, and understanding the impact of medical, surgical and family histories.

We take the time to listen, understand and individualize midlife women’s health treatments. It’s like taking time to delicately wrap a present! (Ok, I’ve exhausted my analogies now!)

Dr. DeSapri in the Media

The Hit Play Not Pause Podcast

This feisty media fitness guru Selene Yeager and I discuss menopause, bone strength and elevate the importance of strong bones at every decade of life.

Menopause Mandate wants to hear from you. Stories and sharing women’s experiences around the menopause transition are powerful.

Midlife Must – Knows!

What We Know:
Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) is a constellation of symptoms of vaginal or vulvar dryness, painful intercourse, frequent urination, chronic UTIs. Vaginal estrogen therapy is the cadillac of treatment. However, there are concerns about the safety of vaginal estrogen therapy in patients with breast cancer. Most medical guidelines suggest that vaginal estrogen can be considered if non hormonal treatments ( such as moisturizers, lubricants) are unsuccessful.

New Research:
In a study of 49,237 females with breast cancer, there was no evidence of an increase in breast cancer deaths with use of vaginal estrogen therapy compared with no hormone replacement therapy.

How This Applies to Me:
Breast cancer is common. 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer. GSM is common, 50% of women have some or all of the symptoms above. Vaginal estrogen does not cause breast cancer. Use of vaginal estrogen creams and tablets are options for women impacted by breast cancer; more research underscores the safety. Fear based medical decisions be gone! And there is more good news for the future of women’s health. Research

Remember good health is the best wealth. During this busy season, take daily and weekly inventory of your own health to include healthy habits of exercise, sleep, nutrition, creating boundaries around obligations to include family and friends.

We look forward to seeing you at Bone & Body Women’s Health in 2024. Stay tuned for our next Bone and Body Women’s Health Membership event in January… an interactive virtual event called Hot Chocolate & Hormones – Understanding Nutrition at Midlife.

Kristi Tough DeSapri, MD

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