March Newsletter

“A rising tide raises all boats.”

Bone and Body Women’s Health is a place where we are raising the tide and elevating women’s healthcare. Women come first and our office team (small but mighty!) works together to put your health as our top priority.

We have exciting events ahead, so please mark your calendars!

For Members: We are partnering with Reform Pilates in Wilmette for an educational movement mat Pilates event on Tuesday April 16th 5-6 PM.

On May 8th, all are invited to Bone Health and Osteoporosis Awareness event co-hosted with Physio Partners in Glenview on Wednesday May 8th from 9-10 AM. Learn more about achieving great posture and balance! More details and invitation to follow.

Dr. DeSapri in the News

Lots of Instagram content this month on heart disease, sexual health, and breast cancer with fellow menopause mavens! Please listen, follow me, and share with women who may benefit.

Midlife must know!

What we know:
20% of women suffer from migraines. There are 2 types of migraines: with aura (headaches in addition to light and sound sensitivity, visual changes, and nausea) and without aura (headaches as main symptom). Menstrual migraines (usually without auras) are also related to hormonal fluctuations. Migraines without aura improve after menopause. Those migraines with aura are stubborn and can worsen in perimenopause continue into postmenopause.

What’s new:
This observational study examined women age 30-45 years for over 15 years and through menopause transition. Women were divided into groups based on severity/type of migraines and frequency/severity of hot flashes and tracked their development of cardiovascular disease (hypertension, high cholesterol, heart attacks, heart failure.) The study showed women with migraines with aura and persistent hot flashes through the menopause transition had double the risk of CVD than women without migraines and without VMS.

What does this mean for me?

Migraines (with aura) and hot flashes wreak havoc on microvascular changes in arteries of the heart and brain. If you are a migraine suffer, there are effective preventative medications specifically studied in women. If you are reading this and have menopausal symptoms there is NO reason to suffer through hot flashes or night sweats with all our hormonal and non-hormonal therapies.We appreciate our patients for trusting us with your health and helping us raise the tide for women’s health care. Please share this newsletter and refer women to our practice who may benefit from the comprehensive care at Bone and Body Women’s Health.

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